The Living Room and Guest Bathroom


The living room is essentially a large, closed-in patio with very high celings. It has ceiling fans and lamps as well, a hammock, two built-in seating areas with cushions and pillows, an indoor barbeque with a vent to remove the smoke, and a guest bathroom. A large, heavy wooden door separates the living room from the rest of the house. That door can be locked for added security, not that it is needed in this peaceful place.

This room is always pleasantly cool, even on the hottest days. It’s a lovely room in which to dine, relax with friends, play cards or games, dance, or just hang out. My daughter always enjoyed playing in this room, while I used to lay down mats and practice martial arts in the evening. We often entertained friends in this room. In the morning all you hear is bird song, and in the evening the chorus of the frogs and insects.

2 thoughts on “The Living Room and Guest Bathroom

  1. Hello! Your house is very beautiful! It is beyond our price range, however. Does it come available for rent? We are a responsible,professional non-smoking couple who owned and ran a guest ranch in Canada. Are there howler monkeys in El Valle? Warmest Regards, Kim

  2. The house is currently rented out. I have heard that there are monkeys in the forests of Panama, but I have never seen one (of any variety) around El Valle.

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