The Kitchen and Foyer


The kitchen is spacious and beautiful. So much counter space and storage space you won’t know what to do with it all. All the cabinets are made of beautiful teak wood. The oven and stove use gas. The gas cannister is inside the kitchen island. It lasts for months and can be refilled cheaply at the local Melo store in town. The refrigerator and microwave are both fairly new. For rentals, the kitchen comes fully equipped with quality cookware, serving ware and silverware from the United States, and even a portable Sony stereo/CD player.

The foyer is a large open area with a built-in bench and some kitchen stools. I’ve noticed that guests often like to sit on the stools and chat or have a drink. There’s a lot of space here that is not currently being used. You may want to hang artwork here, or put in a sofa or television (the house comes with a large screen TV which is currently in the master bedroom).

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